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I love reading, but sometimes I overindulge in it to the point that I get headaches from processing all of the information that I am reading. Today, I read about 20 newspaper articles about everything from sports to US-Afghan/Iraq news.

I’ve really been reading heavily into the latest religious protests and debates, which play a significant role in my Novel, A Million and One Miles. I think the future of religion is an interesting one. I wonder if future activists or politicians will try to eliminate religion or the mention of God in public? I mean it could happen, in respect for atheists and those of differing religions…

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about is the number of people who I’ve notice writing novels in their specific profession or expertise and when they try to translate it into a literary piece it doesn’t go well. I don’t know why. I don’t know if they know too much about the subject or what, but that’s interesting to witness.

I choose to speak on religion and God -not because of personal beliefs- but because I have heard the arguments from both side, and can only imagine what the future of a country as diverse as America will be like in the upcoming decades.