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There are a few routes to take.

The first option that you can explore is to enroll into free online writing courses, which are offered at colleges located all over the country, University of Utah offers a course Introduction to Creative Writing; Purdue University offers a course Proofreading Your Writing, and M.I.T offers two courses Writing and Reading Short Stories and Writing and Reading Poems.

You can also google other schools who offer free online courses, as well. You may not receive college credits for these courses but they offer a wealth of information that you can use to write, and if you are planning on returning to college, you can check to see if you can test out the course the CLEP, or the College Level Examination Program (More Information Here!) if the test is accepted by your prospective college.

Community colleges offer community education courses on campus (and sometimes off-campus), which range from basic writing to lessons on how to publish and market your book.The duration of these courses range from one session to several weeks. Again, I don’t think that you can use these courses to earn credits towards a degree but they’re moderately priced around 25 to 100 dollars.

Writing workshops may be offered through professional organizations and writing conferences as well. Writer’s Digest Magazine offers courses from Blogging 101 -Fundamentals of Fiction Writing- Advanced Novel Writing Workshop. These courses are offered through Writer’s Digest University and are more pricey (around $200-$800), but Writer’s Digest also offers free webinars and and writing tutorials.

Until we meet again!