One of the last occasions that I attended church was in the Fall of 2007. Before this, I had not been in a church for about ten years. During this particular time I was there in the support of a friend who had a performance at the church, which only lasted five minutes but I stayed for the entire five-hour service. The thing that sticks with me to this day is the conversations that took place after the service: I heard the guest preacher say that he really wanted to buy the iPhone and a bunch of other high-tech gadgets that were popular at the time. Everyone is entitled to buy nice things with the money they earn, but I felt like a lot of what was going on that day was superficial. Another time, in 2010, a guest preacher yelled into the mic several times that she preferred “quiet money”(cash).

I know there are real churches out there, who do not care about these kinds of things, but it’s a little discouraging.