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In this day and age, it seems like a person cannot discuss certain things in public because of the sensitivity of others. Not to mention, you probably couldn’t in your own home. Freedom of Speech does not come equipped with respect from others and a mature conversation to discuss differing views. That is solely at the discretion of the individuals who are conversing.

More recently, I’ve been reading about religious protests that led to heated debates and even altercations with other people of other beliefs who decided to protest at the same location. Sadly, no one can control this sort of thing. Just as no one can control how differing religions treat one another and the ‘tit for tats’ that they go back and forth with. For example, the Anti-religion banners that were placed on public vehicles in Texas, came with a consequence of a Christian group doing the SAME thing. Of course it didn’t end there, Christians complained and the banners were going to be removed, until Atheists complained that it was a violation of Freedom of Speech.

There are so many people fighting for laws to prohibit public displays of religion. Some are going as far to have banners over Christmas displays. The Fighting, The Drama, The Lawsuits. If I was apart of the U.S. Government, I would grow tired of it all. There’s no possible way that the United States can instate a peaceful coexistence between differing religions. There’s no way that they can ensure that all “peaceful” protests and rallies, will be.

These kinds of situations only leave me with more questions than answers. We don’t know the future of America, and that makes me scared for America.