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If not, then you should get to know her story. Whether you are an atheist, or worship a religion other than Christianity. I was introduced to Akiane (pronounced AH-KEE-AHNA) while reading Todd Burpo’s Heaven is for Real. She, like Todd’s son Colton, had been experiencing visions of Heaven since the age of four. The Lithuanian-American girl from Idaho was broadcasted on a CNN report about her self-taught artistic talents: her painting.

The thing that intrigues me along with everyone else who knows about her is where she draws her inspiration, Heaven. At 11 years old, she was far beyond her years painting real-life depictions of biblical figures. Her most famous being “Prince of Peace”, which was a dramatic painting of Jesus Christ. It’s easy to get lost in his eyes, they are intense. It really made me look at the photo and question whether or not this really is what Jesus Christ looks like.Why would I question this when there are millions of illustrations of Jesus in the world? Because in Heaven is for Real, Todd Burpo discussed his journey with Colton and how he would ask Colton if any off the illustrations that they had seen over the years looked anything like the Jesus he had seen during his short trip to Heaven. Colton says that Akiane’s painting is exactly what Jesus looked like. Maybe I should not take a child’s word for it, but one can’t help but wonder if it’s true.

This young lady is 18 now and has been painting since she was six. There’s no doubt that she has a gift….but I wonder, did she also have the precious gift of traveling to Heaven?