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The plot has been told plenty of times through fiction and nonfiction publications: the “heaven plot”, when a story gives a detailed account of the narrator’s or protagonist’s journey to Heaven. Five People You Meet In Heaven, Heaven Is For Real, and The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven are just to name a few that I have read.

It a beautiful feeling to imagine what Heaven will be like and to picture life without all of the stresses that make our time on Earth not so peaceful at times. It’s also interesting, as a reader, to read the descriptions of Heaven (even if some perspectives are from young children) is like from witnesses who claim to have received the gift to travel to Heaven and return.

Have you ever wondered if it is all true? I have. But it seems like no matter how much this plot is incorporate into a novel (especially fiction novels) people cannot get enough of it. Maybe it gives them hope, or lets their thoughts run amok in imagination. It doesn’t matter if the plot stays the same: the protagonist arrives in Heaven; Heaven is breathtaking beautiful; there’s no pain, worry or ailments; he or she meets Jesus and other loved ones. It’s very general to me because I think that when an author writes about Heaven -especially in a Fiction- they tend to stick to the descriptions in the Bible.

I was terrified when I wanted to use Heaven as the setting in my novel. It feels like there’s this invisible box that confines a writer to stick to the basics because we have never been there, but I think that Heaven is more than we will ever imagine in our minds. There are secrets that God has kept from us, and surprises that we will discover.

Think outside of the box.