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(Cue the sad faces and dramatic tear floods)

Side story:

I wrote this earlier this morning, and I had intended on posting it immediately but I had a bunch of other things to do. Everything down to the introduction was already written and oddly enough it was inspired by a certain person who I know. Simultaneously, another person I knew was online complaining about the SAME person regarding the SAME issues. Don’t become this kind of individual!

Most of my posts are inspired by people who are in my life like friends and family members who ask for my advice or vent to me. I try my best to give sound advice to them, but questions like these leave me speechless.

First, I cannot answer that question. Whether you are a believer in God, Allah, Buddha, or Karma. I don’t know what a person does every single day, but what I can say is what I know from life experience: “When you put out negative energy that is all you will get back”. The same goes for good energy.

If you are really facing tribulations that leave you asking yourself this question, then there is something else that you should ask yourself: am I going through this struggle because there is a blessing coming my way, or is this some kind of lesson that I am supposed to be learning.

Since we cannot hear God’s direct answers to our questions, we are forced to answer it ourselves with the clues that he gives us. Unfortunately some of us take the easy way out and think that our lessons are simple like to be more patient. Some of us don’t realize that what we do on a regular basis may hinder us from the blessings that God has in store for us.

I mean really think about…

It’s the amnesia of a person’s actions that really gets me. He or she complains “why is this happening to me?”, not realizing that the negative energy that you put out on a daily basis could be the reason. Negative energy could be as little as innocent gossiping. I’m not weighing negative energy as a sin in this particular post (although it may be), because we all sin and somehow we are all blessed by God in our own ways. People have to realize that when more negative energy is put out than good, your actions may hinder you from the blessing that you are praying for, or that maybe it is being put off by God and instead he replaces it with a lesson of struggle to teach you that changes need to be made within yourself. Even then, some may ignore it and wonder why their lives grow to be even more difficult.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many people gather to pray for us, or how many times we pray each day. As long as you’re releasing negative energy, that is all you will get back. It seems as though the easiest things to do are the hardest, either because we don’t want to make that change or because we don’t see anything wrong with what we’re doing.

Have what ever outlook you want, but you cannot expect to experience heavenly blessings, when you giving others Hell.

Think about it…

There’s a part II and III coming soon.