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Today, I went with a family member to buy groceries for a friend of hers in need. She had called yesterday night around 10:00PM, complaining that she was starving and that she was unable to buy food. At first I felt uneasy about it. I had already spent tons of money 2 days before to give to a church plus I had never talked to her before.  Apprehensively, I decided to put money towards it anyway. We woke up early to drive outside of the city to give her the groceries but she didn’t answer the door or her phone. She didn’t call back until 3 hours later to say that she was asleep when we came and that her cellphone had died. She never mentioned anything about the food. at we would be there about 9:30 because we had to take a mini road trip because of a family crisis. Now, I am convinced that this was a test from God.