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I’ve been going back and forth with the idea of writing a fiction story that will be presented on my blog. A better example of the idea that I am describing  is a “Fan Fiction”. A fan fiction is -most of the time- a love plot, similiar to the Twilight installments and other Young Adult and Urban Fictions, that is created by fans. They usually incorporate their favorite celebrities like Justin Beiber, the members of One Direction, and Chris Brown into the plots of the story then use their imagination to tell fill in the rest. The updates range from a paragraph to several pages per post. I even saw one that was on Part 2 of the 97th chapter of one story.

Of course, I won’t have any celebrities in mine, but it would consist of short stories that I come up with that are not intended to be published. I would be able to update the story as much as I like periodically, but I want to keep it short so that readers don’t have to go far back into the archives to read.

I think that it would be entertaining for anyone  who would like to read a sample of my writing while the anticipation of my first book release builds.

Win-Win Situation!