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Does this seem like a stupid question?

Before you go into bible scriptures, think about it.

The thing that we can agree on is that God sees all. When we as humans judge a person for their actions, He knows every single moment of their lives, how they feel, and why they are the way they are. That’s why He has the outstanding ability to forgive us of our sins.

Now, what about the future of society? What if religion does not exist? Will God condemn those who do not know Him to Hell? It’s not exactly their fault. Although it seems impossible, the government may be forced to prohibit the discussions of testy subjects like religion because it always causes unnecessary tensions and fighting amongst passionate believers. More importantly, would those bold believes be subject to what the Japanese call Izamae, or a collective and powerful disapproval that leads to a solid ignoring of a person’s existence, if they decided to spread God’s word?

God knows what actions to take with his children, but I really do wonder how He will handle the people of future generations who may have no idea who he is because He was never mentioned.