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[La] Pieta (pity in Italian) was created by Italian artist Michelangelo in during the High Renaissance (1498-1499, some say 1500). The marble sculpture was commissioned by ST. Peters of the French Cardinal Jean de Billheres for his tomb at the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. The piece depicts an intimate moment as Mary Magdalene holds her son, Jesus Christ, in her arms after his crucifixion. I remember reading that art critics pointed out that the size of a grown Jesus Christ was not in proportion to his mother’s body (his body looked significantly smaller than hers). I thought, “Who cares?”. It’s a breathtaking piece that truly shows the creativity of one individual. It brings to life a dramatic scene that has been depicted in photos and movies, but somehow this one is the favorite of many. With the obvious attention to detail and the level of skill that Pieta displays, I first fell in love with the sculpture because of the drapery of Mary’s dress. It seemed life-like and difficult to master with marble…and he was only 23 years of age.