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The Sistine Ceiling at The Sistine Chapel (1508-1512, Vatican City, Rome, Italy)

I just wanted to post some of my favorite art pieces; I really don’t want to go into detail about each one as art historian would, so I will try to simplify my writing.

When I think about the Sistine Chapel, my mind automatically goes to the ceiling that is home to “The Creation of Adam”, the infamous portrait of God extending his finger to meet Adam’s. I always imagined the force that would erupt once the two fingers touched. Although that may be the most popular there are many beautiful depictions of the bible that are featured throughout the hundreds of frescoes. Above, I’ve included some photographs that you may like to see.

Like the Pieta, I find the interior of the Sistine chapel to be another gift shared with us. Michelangelo, known as a talented sculptor, single-handedly painted the walls himself without seeking extra hands so that the entire painting looked consistent. It is beyond amazing to me. I don’t know who to thank more, Michelangelo or Pope Julius II for commissioning the work.